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Investing properly in a boat -becoming a boat owner

For our charter customers and boat owners alike, EUagent CO Yachting has been well known and trusted as a reliable business partner.
Clarity in all areas is our utmost objective. With this premise we have been and continue to be successful. Some owners have bought a second, some even a third boat from us and put them to good use.
Thanks to competent staff and the best possible equipment on the bases, we can guarantee a high level of service and ensure that the yachts we are entrusted with keep their value. As we are very well-known, not least for our various professionally organized events.

From the 1999 season we have two EUagent CO bases available: Rogoznica and Primosten.
Every owner can choose the moorage location of his boat freely. A change of location during the current season is not possible. However, at the end of the season a different location may be selected.

EUagent CO Yachting has a reputation of providing very well equipped boats and we want to preserve this reputation in the future as well.
Nevertheless, it is of course down to the individual boatowner to decide how his boat is equipped, as there are financial considerations involved. We offer R.O.I. calculations which foresee a good level of equipment and which can then be adapted as necessary to the individual wishes and requirements of the purchaser. Of course, a certain minimum standard must be fulfilled.

For every type of boat offered by us we are very happy to supply you with a comprehensive R.O.I. calculation. This includes the income to be expected and also takes into account the outgoing amounts, which are clearly defined and listed.
The calculation is put together very carefully and all the figures are based on the average of the results achieved in our many years of experience.
The annual rate of return for all yacht types is approximately 10%. When you consider that the risk is practically zero, this result compares very well with other good forms of investment.

Division of the income:
70% of the income goes to the boat owner, 30% is the share of EUagent CO Yachting. From the 30% that remain for us, 15% are for the chartering of the boat and 15% for the service on the charter bases. The settlement with the boat owners is quarterly.
These days, there are many different offers on the market with varying percentages, for example 50:50. In such cases the chartered pays also for the moorages, insurance, etc. Our experience shows quite clearly that you come off best with our 70:30 division.

With a yacht you buy more than just a share which only represents a certain value. A yacht is a real value and one which you can use yourself. In the event of damage or loss, your asset is also insured with our fully comprehensive new value insurance. Nothing could be safer.

Leisure time value:
We deliberately have not included the weeks when the boat owner uses the boat himself in the R.O.I. calculation. It is up to the boat owner to decide how many weeks a year he wants to sail with his boat.
What should be remembered: Only very few forms of investment allow themselves to be combined with pleasure. So, in addition to the annual rate of return in %, you also have a considerable leisure time value.

The ideal time to start:
Only very few customers buy their yacht early enough so that it has paid for itself from the income taken before they retire and can be used cheaply for longer periods of time and cruises.
Thanks to the exceptionally low interest rate at the moment, this is the ideal point in time for financing or partial financing.

Serviceable life:
We set no limits on this. The oldest boat we have in our program is now in its 7th season. The yacht is in 1A condition thanks to be being properly cared for and maintained on our bases. The demand to charter it is also excellent. Only when there is no more customer interest due to the age of the vessel does it make sense to end the chartering activities. When that point is reached is shown by experience.
Depending on the type, size and mode of financing, a yacht should normally amortize in a period of approx. 6 years. In order to make our R.O.I. calculations comparable, we have based them all on a period of 10 years.

Market development:
It would be presuming too much to try to make a binding, long-term prognosis in these fast-moving times. However, there is much that indicates that the trend of many years towards active holidays is continuing to grow rather than diminish.
To live and be mobile on water has in the meantime become for many the perfect holiday.
Leisure time will continue to have a very high status, which is why we consider that this trend will become stronger rather than weaker in future.

Partial investments:
We are constantly receiving requests from interested parties who would like to buy shares in a boat. To mediate and coordinate things is only possible if the parties involved have the same wishes and requirements with reference to the essential criteria.
We have a whole range of concrete enquiries on our books. If you are interested, please let us know. We would be happy to mediate in this case. 

We want to advise every owner as well and as clearly as possible. All our data should be easy to understand. It is our highest priority to meet all the requirements necessary to form the basis of a solid and lasting partnership right from the start. In our office in Split anyone is welcome to come for a personal interview and to look at all our records from our many years in the business.

From late summer/autumn good shipbuilders can hardly take on any more orders for delivery in time for the next season. If deliver is later, many valuable charter weeks are lost at the start of the season.
We have a small number of good quality boats in reserve. However, it is hard to say how many of these will be available for how long. Therefore, the best time to order a yacht is in spring or summer of the year before the new boat should be put into use for the first time.

Joint ownerships:
To put it frankly: If all the conditions are clear, joint ownerships are better than their reputation. The much quoted disagreements - should they arise - are nearly always due to clashes of dates for personal use or problems concerning boat care and maintenance.
The simple rule is that whoever reserves first has the charter boat (for example, also a customer before the owner); care and maintenance is the responsibility of the charter base. Each owner can be more or less involved in this. Each part-owner can only use the part free of charge that rightfully belongs to him.
If you are interested in such a joint ownership, but have doubts about how to go about it, come and talk to us. We have many years of experience also in this field.

If you are interested in investing in a yacht, come and talk to us! Have no reservations about contacting us for advice - we are happy to give it - honestly and non-binding!


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