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From ACI Opatija

From ACI Jezera

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Crusing Suggestions

..from ACI Jezera From ACI Jezera

If your goal is to enjoy the beauties of the Kornati archipelago, Jezera are the most favorable starting point for your cruising. Before you set sail make sure you are equipped with adequate nautical charts since navigation through this multitude of islands is almost impossible without them. For those visiting Kornati for the first time, we strongly recommend to plan the cruise plan in such a way as to reach a safe mooring before night. Our cruising proposal presumes a 7-day-stay on board and cruising in summer when the daylight lasts until around 20:00.

Day 1:
From ACI Jezera to ACI Zut

Day 2:
From ACI Zut to Lojena

Day 3:
From Lojena to Vrulje

Day 4:
From Vrulje to ACI Piskera

Day 5:
From ACI Piskera to Smokvica

Day 6:
From Smokvica to ACI Vodice
Day 1:

ACI JezeraFirst of all, when leaving ACI Jezera, we must decide through which entrance to approach the Kornati. The southern one by the cape Opat is closer, while the northern entrance of Kornati is a few miles longer and leads to Mala and Vela Proversa.

Probably the best way to solve this dilemma is not to approach into Kornati the very first day. Instead, decide to go to the island Zut which is 24 miles from Jezera. Navigating to that destination you don't have to alter course to the northern entrance Proversa. You can spend your first night on this island, in ACI marina Zut. Obviously, this destination will solve your dilemma from which side to approach Kornati since ACI marina Zut is only few miles from Proversa. Frankly, a much better introduction to the astonishing Kornati landscape is possible if approaching them through one of Proversas. Namely, Proversas represent narrow straits, narrower than the passage between cape Opat and island Smokvica. Yet, this continuous sailing little by little through the multitude of islands and islets is what characterizes the navigation through Kornati.

Day 2:

Even though names say differently, Vela Proversa is shallower than Mala Proversa. Both are equally interesting, and since the distance between them is somewhat more than a mile, it's up to you to decide. If night catches you there, the only choice is Proversa Mala, which is well marked by lighthouses.
National Park Kornati
When you enter Kornati, do not rush. Islands, even though appearing similar, are different in many ways. The lighthouse Tri Sestrice can be your first destination. Passing by it pay attention to the TaljuriE islet. It is flat as a board without a single blade of grass.

Having sailed round Tri Sestrice, we recommend you head toward the bay on the Levrnaka island. Frequent visitors will probably wonder why we didn't direct you to Mir bay in TelaEica but in our opinion that bay is so well known that it doesn't need to be specifically emphasized. It is the bay where most yachts anchor.

Well, Levrnaka. The island has two very well known bays, one at the outer (western), and the other in the inner side of the island. The inner bay - Uvala Levrnaka is much more protected. If you anchor there, or moor by the small pier, take a walk along a nice pathway to the outer bay Lojena. You can spend your second night here, although be cautious, because winds can start blowing from different directions. If you are not familiar with cooking onboard, ask for the hosts that live in the bay. They will be glad to cook a dinner for you.

Day 3:

Clearly, Kornati would not really impress you if you haven't seen their cliffs. Leaving Levrnaka bay and heading south, you will notice a small church on the island Kornat, most often called the Church of Our Lady of Tarca. In this church, the biggest religious feast of the archipelago takes place here every year, on first Sunday of July.

Navigating further away we will soon reach Mane. Mane is the highlight of the Kornati archipelago. After you sail round it you will understand why. Prepare your cameras.

Although less photographed, the cliffs of Veli and Mali Rasip don't fall behind by their beauty. After seeing the sights of nature we recommend a break in Vruje. Vruje can be named the capital of Kornati. The only missing details in Vruje are street names. Most yachtsmen will take the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of innkeepers, but don't get lazy. If you decide to take a walk by the surrounding pathways, you will come across unforgettable scenarios.

If you are certain that the weather will stay nice and that no storm is threatening from the west, you can stay here over night.

Day 4:

If you were following our instructions, this is already your second day without the comforts of civilization. Therefore, it's time to visit a little oasis of civilization, namely ACI marina Pikera that, contrary to what its environment seems, offers safe shelter. On the rocks surrounding the marina, you can notice traces of a hundred-year persistence of the wind and sea. People sometimes wonder how it is possible that these islands still exist.

ACI marina Pikera is a good place to fill up your food and water supply, but do it sparingly. Do not forget that potable water is one of the biggest treasuries of the Kornati archipelago. Oil or gas are not to be found here since the marina is located within the National Park Kornati.

We advise you to learn about the rules of conduct within the National Park, although is better to do it before entering the Kornati. The beautiful sight of the high sea which can be seen after climbing the hill in the marina vicinities is not to be missed. From this point on, all the way down to the Italian coast, there are no more islands. No matter how small the sea may seem to us on the chart, we have to admit now that it's immense.

Let's sail back to the marina, take a shower find a table and order dinner.

Day 5:

If we were attracted to Kornati so much that we do not wish to leave, let's get back to Proversa again, randomly choosing where to stop. There are still more bays and piers as well as innkeepers - great cooks. Well-known cooks live in the bay of StriZnja. Anyway, why not just spend a leisure day on the sea swimming and awaiting lunchtime. If our intent is to visit as many islands as possible, the best thing to do is to set out for the island Kameni Zakan which has a large and secure pier (except during the strong south wind - sirocco). This island also has a nice pathway that leads to the belvedere from which Kornati can be seen by their southern side. From the top of the hill one can see a bay at the foot of Opat hill (which we already mentioned as a possible southern entrance to Kornati) with a few houses and of course a tavern.

Cape Opat and island Smokvica create the passage, mostly used when leaving Kornati and heading to a destination ashore. Well, now it's time to decide whether to:

a) stay in Opat bay or maybe on Smokvica in the well-known bay of Lojena (yes, you noticed it as well, two bays are named the same; one on Levrnaka and the other on Smokvica)

b) set sail for the coast
ACI Vodice
If you have chosen a) there is not much to advise you. If, on the other hand, you decided to reach land, we can recommend you the town of Vodice (yes, a real town, after experiencing the lunar landscape of the Kornati archipelago). If you hurry up, you will arrive before night, but night will not be a problem since the whole route leading to Vodice is well marked by lighthouses. You will be welcomed by ACI marina Vodice which was awarded the environmental award "The European Blue Flag" as well as by the town of Vodice that offers variety of entertainment and versatile cultural events.

Day 6:

Morning in Vodice. You are in town! To the bakery! It's time to start again with your terrestrial habits. We can't help you anymore. Good luck!

Note: If you prefer you can print our crusin suggestions from ACI Jezera to ACI Vodice as a simple text file.

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