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Regulations for Foreign Boats
[For nautical information specially about sailing conditions in Adriatic
see Sailing Page, for information about marinas see Marinas Page]
Link to Marinas Page
Link to Sailing page
Access, Navigation and Stay
Authorization Issue
Navigation Security Compensation
Paying Demurrage
Currency regulation
Yahtmaster's Certificate
Wintering of Yachts in Croatia
Zones in which Navigation is Prohibited
Boat Equipment
Radio Telephones
Participation in Sporting Events
Transport of Boats
Change of Crew

Access, Navigation and Stay

Vessels may sail and stay in the coastal seas, rivers and lakes of the Republic of Croatia if they obtain authorization. Foreign sport rowing and sailing vessels up to 3 m length, and motor boats up to 3 m length with a motor up to 4 kW may sail and stay in coastal waters, rivers and lakes without authorization.

Entry by sea in a boat or yacht

Definition: "boat" is an open sports boat (e.g. dinghy, a rubber boat) which does not have sleeping facilities. A "yacht" is a boat with a covered cabin.

If the owner or master of a foreign vessel wishes to sail and stay in coastal waters, rivers and lakes, after entering the coastal sea, river or lake he must take the shortest route to the nearest port or harbor open to international traffic, register his arrival with the authorized body in that harbor and apply for authorization to sail.

International maritime boarder crossings:
Permanent Umag, Porec, Rovinj, Pula, Rasa-Brsica, Rijeka, Mali Losinj, Senj, Zadar, Sibenik, Split, Ploee, Metkovic, Korcula and Dubrovnik. Seasonal (open from 1 April to 30 October) Novigrad, Sali, Bozava, Ravni Zakanj (Kornati), Ubli (Lastovo), Komiza (Vis), Vis (Vis) and Hvar.

If upon entering Croatian waters a vessel cannot reach a port open to international traffic because of "force majeure", it must register as soon as possible at the nearest harbourmaster's office or its branch offices.

Riva 18
52100 PULA
Tel: 052 22 037
Tel. - Fax: 052 27 646
Senjsko pristaniste 3
51000 RIJEKA
Tel. 051 21 15 37, 21 40 31
Fax: 051 21 26 96
Obala kralja Zvonimira 12
53270 SENJ
Tel. - Fax: 053 88 13 01
Liburnska obala 823
25000 ZADAR
Tel: 023 21 11 03, 43 37 78
Fax: 023 43 78 25
Obala oslobodenja 8
22000 sIBENIK
Tel: 022 21 72 16, 21 72 14
Fax: 022 21 73 78
21000 SPLIT
Tel: 021 35 58 73, 35 54 88, 36 24 36
Fax: 021 36 12 98
Trg kralja Tomislava 24
20340 PLOCE
Tel. - Fax: 020 67 90 08
Obala Stjepana Radica 31
Tel. - Fax: 020 41 32 22, 41 89 88
1. Umag
Obala J. B. Tita br. 1
52470 Umag
Tel. - Fax: 052 74 16 62
2. Novigrad
Porporella 6
52466 Novigrad
Tel. - Fax: 052 75 70 35
3. Porec
Obala m. Tita 17
52440 Porec
Tel. - Fax: 052 43 16 63
4. Rovinj
P. Dudicin 1
52210 Rovinj
Tel. - Fax: 052 81 11 32
5. Rasa
Treget bb
52224 Trget
Tel. - Fax: 052 87 51 27
6. Rabac
Obala m. Tita 39
52221 Rabac
Tel. - Fax: 052 87 20 85
7. M. Draga
Tel. - Fax: 051 73 75 01
8. Opatija
Zert 3
51410 Opatija
Tel. - Fax: 051 71 12 49
9. Bakar
Primorje 39
51222 Bakar
Tel. - Fax: 051 76 12 14
10. Kraljevica
Obala kralja Tomislava 5
51262 Kraljevica
Tel: 051 28 13 30
11. Crikvenica
Stjepana Radica 1/I
51260 Crikvenica
Tel. - Fax: 051 24 23 21
12. Novi Vinodolski
Obala kneza Branimira 3
51250 Novi Vinodolski
Tel. - Fax: 051 24 43 45
13. Sv. Juraj
Selo bb
53284 Sv. Juraj
Tel: 053 88 30 06
14. Jablanac
Obala bana Stjepana subica 21
53287 Jablanac
Tel. - Fax: 053 88 70 49
15. Malinska
Lina Bolmarcica 22
51511 Malinska
Tel: 051 85 93 46
16. Krk
Trg bana Jelacica 1
51500 Krk
Tel. - Fax: 051 22 13 80
17. Punat
Obala 95
51521 Punat
Tel. - Fax: 85 40 65
18. Baska
Palada 88
51523 Baska
Tel: 051 85 68 21
19. silo
Lokvisca 1
51513 silo
Tel: 051 85 21 10
20. Cres
Jadranska ulica 1
51557 Cres
Tel. - Fax: 051 57 11 11
21. Mali Losinj
Losinjskih brodograditelja 33
51550 Mali Losinj
Tel. - Fax: 23 14 38
22. Susak
Susak bb
51561 Susak
Tel. - Fax: 23 90 01
23. Rab
Biskupa Draga 2
51280 Rab
Tel. - Fax: 051 72 41 03
24. Karlobag
Obala Vladimira Nazora 14
53288 Karlobag
Tel: 053 69 40 30
25. Omisalj
Kancinar 1
51513 Omisalj
Tel. - Fax: 051 84 20 53
26. Novalja
Ulica kralja Tomislava 1
53291 Novalja
Tel: 053 66 13 01
27. Pag
Kancinar 1
51513 Omisalj
Tel. - Fax: 051 84 20 53
28. Starigrad-Paklenica
23244 Starigrad-Paklenica
Tel. - Fax: 023 36 92 62
29. Novigrad (Dalmacija)
23312 Novigrad (Dalmacija)
Tel. - Fax: 023 37 50 60
30. Biograd n/m
23210 Biograd na moru
Tel. - Fax: 023 38 32 10
31. Preko
23273 Preko
Tel. - Fax: 023 86 119
32. Silba
23295 Silba
Tel. - Fax: 023 37 00 47
33. Ist
23293 Ist
Tel. - Fax: 023 37 24 49
34. Bozava
23293 Ist
Tel. - Fax: 023 37 76 01
35. Sali
23281 Sali
Tel. - Fax: 023 37 70 21
36. Vodice
Trg Marina bb
22211 Vodice
Tel. - Fax: 44 30 55
37. Rogoznica
Hrvatske ratne mornarice 2
22203 Rogoznica
Tel. - Fax: 022 59 045
38. Primosten
Porat 222202 Primosten
Tel. - Fax: 022 70 266
39. Tisno
Velika Rudina 1
22240 Tisno
Tel. - Fax: 022 43 93 13
40. Murter
Rudina 8
22243 Murter
Tel. - Fax: 022 43 51 90
41. Trogir
21220 Trogir
Tel. - Fax: 021 88 15 08
42. Omis
21253 Omis
Tel. - Fax: 021 86 10 25
43. Makarska
21300 Makarska
Tel. - Fax: 021 61 19 77
44. Rogac
21430 Rogac
Tel. - Fax: 021 65 41 39
45. Milna
21405 Milna
Tel. - Fax: 021 63 62 05
46. Supetar
21400 Supetar
Tel. - Fax: 021 63 11 16
47. Sumartin
21426 Sumartin
Tel. - Fax: 021 64 82 22
48. Hvar
21450 Hvar
Tel. - Fax: 021 74 10 07
49. Stari Grad
21460 Stari Grad
Tel. - Fax: 021 76 50 60
50. Jelsa
21465 Jelsa
Tel. - Fax: 021 76 10 55
51. Sucuraj
21469 Sucuraj
Tel. - Fax: 021 773 228
52. Vis
21480 Vis
Tel. - Fax: 021 71 11 11
53. Komiza
21485 Komiza
Tel. - Fax: 021 71 30 85
54. Metkovic
Tel. - Fax: 020 68 16 81
55. Trstenik
Tel. - Fax: 020 74 14 90
56. Trpanj
Tel. - Fax: 020 74 35 42
57. Ston
Tel. - Fax: 020 75 40 26
58. Slano
Tel. - Fax: 020 87 17 77
59. Sobra
Tel. - Fax: 020 74 50 40
60. Korcula
Tel. - Fax: 020 71 17 78
61. Vela Luka
Tel. - Fax: 020 81 20 23
62. Lastovo
Tel. - Fax: 020 80 50 06
63. Cavtat
Tel. - Fax: 020 47 80 65

Passport regulations

A valid passport is required for entering Croatia. West European citizens can enter the country with just an identity card. Visitors travelling with passport can stay for up to three months. For a longer stay, apply to the local authorities. Visitors entering the country with an identity card can stay for up to 30 days. Engagement in professional activity in Croatia is subject to official authorization.

Persons who during their stay in Croatia live on board of the yacht are required, in addition to registering the yacht, at the harbourmaster’s office, to register with the police. This can be done in a marina, travel agency, hotel or police station (the relevant information can be obtained from the harbourmaster’s office). All persons who have registered with the police are issued with a registration card.

Failure to obtain a registration card can cause difficulties. (Persons who stay overnight is a hotel or camping ground will be issued the registration card automatically when checking in at the reception desk).

The master of a vessel must immediately after landing in a port or harbour register with the border police or the nearest police administration or station every person who is on the vessel without a valid passport. The master of the vessel must not allow a person without a valid passport to disembark in the port or harbour without authorization of the border police. If the vessel stopped outside a border crossing due to higher forces, the master must immediately register the persons who disembarked and boarded with the nearest police administration or station. Crew members may not leave the area of the border crossing before submitting to the stipulated border control.

Entry by land with boats or yachts

Water sport craft can be imported into Croatia without any particular formalities by land, i.e. on a trailer, on the roofrack, in the luggage boot or in a truck. They just have to be declared at the border crossing. All water sport craft imported into Croatia which are longer than 3 meters and all boats with an engine (even under 3 m) can be used only after they have been registered at a harbourmaster’s office.
See also Transport of boats

Motor vehicles

The green insurance card is mandatory for entering or transiting Croatia in a car or truck. Motorists who do not have one must purchase a temporary third-party insurance policy for Croatia at the border crossing (even if they have a third-party insurance policy for the vehicle). The cost of insurance is about 70 DM.

Wide/long vehicles

Vehicles which, with the trailer, are longer than 18 m, wider than 2,5 m and higher than 4 m, must have a special license in Croatia. For more information, see section Transport of boats.

Exit by sea

When leaving the Croatian territorial waters, the skipper must call at a port open to international traffic and go through the necessary formalities (informing the harbourmaster of his departure). The yacht must then leave the Croatian territorial waters without delay and by the shortest route.

Exit by land

Vessels taken out of the country by land, i.e. on a trailer, roofrack, luggage boot or truck, must be checked out at the harbourmaster’s office.

Authorization Issue

The owner or master of a foreign vessel must register his arrival with the authorized port authority or harbour office by filling in the form "Registration of arrival and stay of foreign yachts or boats in the territorial sea and internal waters of the Republic of Croatia" (Prijava dolaska i boravka strane jahte i brodice u teritorijalnom moru i unutrasnjim vodama Republike Hrvatske). If the vessel meets the conditions for arrival and stay, a one-year authorization can be on the registration form.

General conditions for obtaining authorization:

  • Fill in the registration of arrival form- name and registered number of vessel, length of vessel, state flag of the country of registration, and name and family name of owner;

  • Pay navigation security compensation using the payment slip that is part of the registration of arrival form;

  • Submit a valid boat certificate issued according to regulations in the country the boat is registered in;

  • Submit documents confirming the crew members sailing qualifications (yachtmaster's certificate - see below);

  • Submit third-party insurance in accordance with special law (insurance policy - blue card);

  • Submit a list of crew members and other persons on the vessel.

Yachtmaster's certificate

When navigating in Croatian waters, skippers must have a yachtmaster’s certificate (or navigation license), issued according to the regulations pertaining to navigation in similar waters in their country of origin.

Navigation licenses obtained by foreigners in Croatia are recognized in Croatia but not in their country of origin.

Licenses issued by the authorities of the former Yugoslavia have to be reissued by the competent authority.

Skippers who do not have a yachtmaster’s certificate (coastal), can be given the navigation test by the harbourmaster (against payment), in which they will have to prove their knowledge of rules of the road, meteorology, navigation and seamanship. If they pass the test, they will be issued with a license, the validity of which is limited to the duration of their stay in Croatia.
(Skippers who do not possess a navigation license can be prosecuted; moreover, they may lose their insurance cover in case of an accident.)

Boat Equipment

There are no regulations concerning the equipment of boats navigating in coastal waters. Foreign yachts must therefore observe regulations valid in their country of origin.

According to an earlier regulation, which also obtained for foreign yachts navigating in Croatian waters, the following equipment was mandatory:
an anchor with chain or rope (at least 30 m long);
at least 2 mooring ropes (each at least 10 m long);
two oars or paddles (for small boats);
a hand pump or bucket and dipper;
six red handflares and two boxes of matches or corresponding distress signaling equipment (in waterproof wrapping);
a rear-view mirror (if pulling a water-skier).

It is advisable to equip the boat with sufficiently heavy anchors enough to secure and mooring rope that is long and strong enough to secure the boat in all weather conditions. It must also be borne in mind that in some ports the rings and bollards are wide apart, which makes long ropes indispensable.

The first-aid kit should be shacked and renewed every year. In hot weather, sticking plasters can lose their adhesiveness and medicines their effectiveness (the expiry date on the package is, as a rule, designed only for moderate northern latitudes!)

Radio Telephones

For reasons of safety at sea and ease of communication it is advisable to have a VHF radio telephone on board. The dense network of radio stations on the Croatian coast makes it possible to establish contact (if geologically possible) with a land station from all points in the coastal waters.

Radio equipment may be used only with a license issued in the owner’s country of origin. Operating a radio station at sea without a license is regarded by all authorities in the world as radio piracy. The use of mobile telephones is legal in Croatia. The international D1 or D2 network can be used.

Navigation security compensation

Compensation is paid by all foreign yachts or sport and pleasure boats. Compensation is establish according to type - boat or yacht - and length of vessel. The amount is quoted in German marks and is paid in Kunas according to the mean rate of exchange of the National Bank of Croatia on the day of payment.

Height of compensation

a) Boats
- up to 3 m with motor over 4 kW 40 DM
- from 3 m to 4 m 60 DM
- from 4 m to 5 m 80 DM
- from 5 m to 6 m 100 DM
- over 6 m 110 DM
b) Yachts
- up to 7 m 150 DM
- from 7 m to 8 m 180 DM
- from 8 m to 9 m 210 DM
- from 9 m to 10 m 240 DM
- from 10 m to 11 m 270 DM
- from 11 m to 12 m 300 DM
- from 12 m to 15 m 350 DM
- from 15 m to 20 m 400 DM
- from 20 m to 30 m 450 DM
- over 30 m length 500 DM

Navigation security compensation for yachts entered in the Croatian Register of Ships

Yachts owned by foreign citizens which are entered in the Croatian Register of Ships (or boats entered in the Register of Boats) must pay 20 DM for sailing in the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Compensation for attesting the seaworthiness of foreign yachts, sport sailing boats and sport boats

If a foreign vessel does not have the necessary documents according to the regulations of its country, it can request inspection from the port authority or harbour office. Compensation is regulated and depends on the length of the vessel.

The amounts are quoted in German marks and are paid in Kunas according to the mean rate of exchange of the National Bank of Croatia on the day of payment.

Inspection compensation

1. Boats
a) for rowing or sailing without own propulsion
- up to 4 m 15 DM
- from 4 m to 5 m 20 DM
- over 5 m 25 DM
b) with own propulsion
- up to 3 m 15 DM
- from 3 m to 4 m 20 DM
- from 4 m to 5 m 25 DM
- from 5 m to 7 m 30 DM
- from 7 m to 9 m 35 DM
- over 9 m 40 DM
2. Yachts
- up to 7 m 35 DM
- from 7 m to 9 m 40 DM
- from 9 m to 11 m 45 DM
- from 11 m to 15 m 50 DM
- over 15 m 70 DM

Compensation of 20 DM is paid for inspection of a sea radio station.

Paying demurrage

When a vessel makes use of a port anchorage it pays demurrage at a reduced rate, to a maximum of one half of that compensation. Compensation is paid in the port anchorage in which the corresponding services can be offered. It is not possible to charge in bays and free anchorage sites where no services are offered.

Currency regiulation

The official currency in Croatia is the kuna (HRK). The currency is fully convertible.

The value of the kuna has been, stable for the past two years. Foreign currency can be exchanged into kuna in all banks, post offices, marinas, travel agencies and other official agencies at the same rate throughout the country. Major credit cards are accepted in many places.

Zones in which navigation is prohibited

In agreement with the Croatian Navy (HRM), the number and size of zones in which sailing is prohibited has been greatly decreased. Although the HRM has not yet officially abolished the former prohibited zones, everything north of the island of Hvar is considered free for sailing, except parts of ports that are naval ports and a small number of prohibited and protected areas.

Naval Ports
Designated parts of the ports of Pula, Sibenik, Split (Lora) and Ploce (Bazine).

Prohibited areas and protected areas
I. The area around the Isles of Brijuni ia s zone in which navigation is prohibited. It is delimited by the folowing lines:
Zone I
   1) Rt Barbaren - RT Kadulja
   2) Rt Kadulja - Isle of Supinić
Isle of Supinić - Position A (longitude: 44o 52,6'N latitude: 13o42,2' E)
   3) Position A - position B: (longitude: 44o52,6'N, latitude: 13o45,1'E)
   4) Position B - Postion C: (longitude: 44o53,2'N, latitude: 13o46,0'E)
   5) Position C - Rt Kamnik
Zone II
The south-eastern part of the Isle of Brijuni within the connecting line Rt Kavran - Rt - Kozlac.

II. Navigation is prohibited in Limski kanal on the Western coast of Istria because there is a shelifish farm in it. Only a limited number of excursion boats can navigate in the bay.

III. The largest and best known protected area is the Kornati National Park, which extends from Prolaz Proversa Vela (south of the island Dugi Otok) to the southern point of the Isle of Kornati.  All activities that may pollute the sea are strictly prohibited.

IV. Navigation is prohibited in several bays because of the fish farms located in them. They are listed in pilot books and are marked by signs on the shore and on buoys.

V. Under a regulation of the Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communications, the following activities are prohited in the interest of safety of swimmers and navigation:
graydot.gif (35 bytes) in harbours: swimming, speedboating, windsurfing, water sking;
windsurfing in narrow lanes used for commercial shipping;
boats must keep at a distance of at least 50 m from such ships; motorboats and sailboats must keep at least 50 m swimming outside marked bathing areas or off the open shore within a distance of more than 100 m;
polluting the sea with plastic, glass and other packaging materials and rubbish.
speedboats, jet-propelled boats and hovercraft must keep at least 250 m from the shore and in areas when the navigation of such craft is not prohibited.

Participation in Sporting Events

A foreign vessel entering the coastal sea, rivers or lakes of the Republic of Croatia to take part in sports competitions does not pay navigation security compensation.

The organizer of the sports event must register a foreign yacht or foreign boat. The registration term is at least five days prior to the beginning of the competition. The registration is submitted to the authorized port authority.

Transport of boats

  1. General information

    When transporting a boat on Croatian roads, bear in mind that both the Adriatic Highway and roads in the interior of the country can be rough in places. Is is therefore essential to secure the boat tightly on the trailer or truck. Another word of caution: the Adriatic Highway, especially in Velebitski Kanal, is exposed to the bora and drivers should be prepared for strong susts in windy weather. Careful driving is therefore highly recommended.

  2. Vehicle size
    Driving on Croatian roads without a special licence is permitted only if the vehicle
    • is not wider than 2.50 m(including the load)
    • is not longer than 18 m (including the load and or trailer)
    • is not higher than 4 m.
  3. Speed limits
    Speed limits for cars with trailers in Croatia:
    - in bulit-up areas 60 km/h
    - on country roads 80 km/h
    - on motorways 80 km/h

    Speed limits in Austria:
    - in bulit-up areas 50 km/h
    - on country roads 100 km/h (trailers up to 750 kg total weight) 80 km/h (for trailers over 750 kg)
    - on motorways 100 km/h

    Speed limits in Italy:
    - in built-up areas 50 km/h
    - on country roads 80 km/h
    - on motorways 100 km/h

    Vehicles which, with the trailer and load, exceed 18 m in length, 2,5 m in width and 4 m in height, must have a special licence. Such a licence can be obtained from
Croatiasped, Strojarska 19
HR – 10000 Zagreb
Tel. 00385/1/512-834
Fax. 00385/1/512-834
Jadroagent, Trg I. Koblera 2,
HR – 51000 Rijeka,
Tel. 00385/51/214-444,
Fax. 00385/51/213-616
Cetrasped, Ivana Sibla 9,
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/683-311
Fax. 00385/2/691-642
Libertas Zagreb, Milke Trnine 39/2
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/538-821
Fax. 00385/1/611-901
DTS Sped, Put Republike 7,
HR – 20000 Dubrovnik,
Tel. 00385/20/726-218,
Fax. 00385/20/28-481
Presecki, Kralja Tomislava 97,
HR – 49230 Krapina,
Tel. 00385/49/371-752,
Fax. 00385/49/370-720
Eurosped, Lipovacka 1,
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/300-130, 300- 131,
Fax. 00385/1/300-134
Trast Split, Gat Sv. Duje 4,
HR – 21000 Split,
Tel. 00385/21/591-588, 581-709
Fax. 00385/21/589-476
Fersped, Vodnjanska 5,
HR – 52200 Pula,
Tel. 00385/52/212-099,
Fax. 00385/52/211-835
Transped, Kranjceviceva 1,
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/336-233,Fax. 00385-51/334-188
Fersped, Kresimirova 3,
HR – 51000 Rijeka,
Tel. 00385/51/212-306
Transadria Rijeka, Riva Boduli 1,
HR – 51000 Rijeka,
Tel. 00385/51/212-111
Fax. 00385/51/331-614
Intereuropa Zagreb, Juriaiceva 9,
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/451-255
Fax. 00385/1/271-014
Zagrebsped, Vodovodna 20,
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/328-065,
Fax. 00385/1/6111-206,-186
Intereuropa Rijeka,
Nikole Tesle 9,
HR – 51000 Rijeka,
Tel. 00385/51/337-111,
Fax. 00385/51/213-301
Primaco, Robni terminali,
Jankomir, Jankomir 25,
HR – 10000 Zagreb,
Tel. 00385/1/163-009, 157-558,
Fax. 00385/1/156-989

Obtaing the license may take quite a long time. It should not be forgotten that Germany, Austria and Italy may also require a special license for excess width in the future.

Wintering of Yachts in Croatia

Privately owned yachts can be left in Croatia for wintering or repaid for an unlimited period of time with a legal or natural person registered for this activity (a marina or a private individual who has obtained the necessary license from the municipal authorities).

Boat rental (Charter)

a) Yachts may be hired (chartered) only from registered, authorized companies, domestic and foreign. It is irrelevant for the client whether the yacht files the Croatian or a foreign flag. Chartering yachts for profit without a license issued by the Croatian authorities is illegal and may have unpleasant consequences for the owner, skipper and crew.

b) The chartering (renting out) of one or several yachts against payment is a commercial activity which in Croatia, as in all other market-oriented countries, is subject to official authorization. Chartering without such an authorization is considered "lack charter" and is punishable.
Information about legal charter activity can be obtained from agencies such as marinas.

c) There are lot of of charter companies  in Croatia. Usually they are located in marinas

Change of Crew

Privately owned yachts can be left in Croatia for wintering or repaid for an unlimited period of time with a legal or natural person registered for this activity (a marina or a private individual who has obtained the necessary license from the municipal authorities).